Frailty is not inevitable in old age for those with a healthy heart, scientists find

Frailty is not inevitable in old age, scientists believe after, finding that people with a healthy heart do not succumb to weakness in later life.

New research has shown that older people with very low risk of heart disease also have very little frailty, raising the possibility it is preventable.

The largest study of its kind, led by the University of Exeter, found that even small reductions in heart disease risk factors – such as high blood pressure and cholesterol – helped to reduce frailty, as well as dementia, chronic pain, and other disabling conditions of old age.

Researchers said many perceive frailty to be an inevitable consequence of ageing – but their study found it was 85 per cent less likely in those with near ideal cardiovascular risk factors.

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor for The Telegraph

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