Telephone / Post Services

Concssieon In Telephone / Postal Savings

Under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the following services are available for the senior citizens.

a) MTNL Services

Subscriber Category, Concessions available and documents required (only if claiming concessional tariff) Concession is available only in standard tariff plan, which at present is ‘Plan 250’.

Age Care in India — National Initiative on Care for Elderly

Subs.Catgry. Entitled persons /Organizations Concessions available Documents to be attached (duly attested Central/State Govt. Gazetted Officer)
10 Senior Citizens Rental Rs.1 87.50 Age above 65 Years. Age proof required
b) Postal Savings Schemes


Scheme Eligibility (Age Group) Benefits Premium
(a) Senior Citizens Saving Schemes GOYrs. 55 Yrs or more but less than 60 Yrs in case of Voluntary Retirement 9% interest to elderly Minimum of Rs. 1000/-Maximum of Rs. 15 Lakhs
No age limit for retired army personnel
(b) Monthly Income Scheme 60+ Return of 8% and a bonus of 1 0% on maturity Minimum investment is Rs. 1000/- Maximum Rs. 3 Lakhs for single account.
Rs. 6 Lakhs for joint account. Maturity
Period is 6 yrs.