There is no one who is resistant to difficulties and problems-especially when they come in the form of disease. Be it a vision obstruction or a hindrance in hearing, each of these glitches is a challenge in itself. More so, with age. As we celebrate our Birthdays each year, we add years to our life and somehow in the conundrum of our lives, fail to add life to each passing year! No doubt about the fact that age brings with itself experience and maturity- but it is also a fact that most elderly people lose their self-confidence and the inner motivation that had till date driven them through all phases of life. With the additional burden of physical problems to handle, it becomes extremely difficult for some aged people to cope up with the situation.

Their lives, at that point remain nothing more than a harsh reality for them. It is thereby required that some hope be given to them so that they reinvent themselves and rediscover the enormous amount of energies that lie embedded within them. Assistive devices, at this juncture, prove to be a boon.

With assistive devices available and compiled at leading a life free of all barriers becomes an actuality. Most devices are made bearing in mind the convenience of the elderly and the troubles they might have to encounter in their lives. These devices include the following-



Activated by tongue, such switches can prove to be very beneficial while adjusting electrical equipment like air conditioners, computers, powered wheelchairs and answering machines- which otherwise would need manual operation.


Like telephone amplifiers which help sending and receiving messages at a faster pace. Communication not only is important to counter isolation but also plays a pivotal role during emergency situations.


Homes once made are generally feared to be altered as it is felt that a lot of things will have to be uprooted. In reality, this is not the case. Simple remodeling and restructuring of the home, especially the entry, exit; toilets and garden can make it more safe, hygienic and friendly.


It is not that age reduces mobility- it just restricts it. And mobility aids enable the aged to move around freely without any kind of assistance. Powered wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts or stair elevators fall under this category.


To recover from accidents, injuries and illnesses, a lot of assistance is usually required. But with help of therapies and enhancements, a healthier lifestyle independent of many helping hands can be adopted. Self care after all is the best care as no one knows you as well as you yourself do!


Apart from the above, devices that assist in house work, safety & security, leisure activities, dressing and drug management are also of immense usage. Not only do they use the latest technologies, but also are very simple to use and take good care of the essential feature of convenience that they are meant to offer.

The assistive devices are just a medium to enhance the expediency levels of the elderly- to make them and let them feel at home- wherever they are. Their objective is to assist- not to persist. Visit for Assistive Devices for Seniors, Elderly, Hand and Mobility Impaired.

All said and done, it is just life that persists and perseveres- not diseases or devices!