You need to keep fit and healthy so as to remain independent and mobile. It is never too late to change your lifestyle and diet or to take up some form of exercise to improve your strength and stamina.


Regular, safe and enjoyable physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy life at all ages. There are many benefits of physical activity, such as efficient functioning of heart and lungs, strengthening of bones and increased muscle strength. You will also feel better.

This does not mean we have to try and become Olympic athletes. It is just a question of increasing what we do already. Being active and doing exercise can also be enjoyable. Age is no barrier to taking up a new sport or physical activity. If you are not doing any exercise at present, it is good to start gently and then build up so that your body will gradually get used to being more active and you are far less likely to strain any muscles. If you are taking any medicine, you must discuss with your doctor before taking up a vigorous exercise.

There are so many different ways to keep fit. You should find one you enjoy. Walking is the best form of exercise and brisk walking to the extent of getting tired is what you need to do. If you have mobility problems at the moment, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for an exercise programme which will meet your needs.


Extra weight can be a health hazard. It makes it difficult to undertake exercise, may make arthritis worse, and can increase the risk of heart and chest troubles,diabetes, backache and varicose veins, all of which affect your mobility. If your mobility is restricted because of your weight, then it is time to seek help from your doctor

If you need to lose weight, the emphasis should be on cutting backon certain foods such as very sugary or fatty foods. It is very important to have a varied diet so that you get all the nutrients you need for good health. Remember it’s not healthy to be underweight either!


It is never too late to give up smoking. No matter what your age is,it is the single most effective action you can take to improve your health.Your breathing will become easier, the function of your heart will improve, and you will reduce the risk of developing diseases which can restrict your mobility.