Slip-On Dressing Aid

Seniors and others who have trouble bending over can put on socks, stockings, slacks, shorts, pajama bottoms, panties and undershoots without additional assistance. Helps remove shoes and socks for one or two-handed use. A notch in the lower end helps remove shoes and socks. It consists of a pair of gently curved plastic rods that rock against each other, along a section of intermeshing teeth molded into their inner surfaces. Each 19 inch long rod has a pad of hook-and-loop closure at one end to hold onto an article of clothing. Squeezing the other ends of the rods together spreads open the clothing for entry of the foot or leg.

Shoehorn with T Handle

Unique ‘T’ shaped handle allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position while putting on shoes. Eliminates the need for rotating the wrist. Ideal for older people with arthritis, limited wrist movement, or any other hand limitation. 19.5 inches length also makes it useful for people who have trouble bending.

Long Shoehorn & Dressing Aid

RThirty inch long handles shoehorn and helpful dressing aid. This is two dressing aids in one. It makes Useful for older populations with limited upper arm and shoulder movement. Pull on shirts, sweaters, coats, pants and skirts. The soft silicone capped pull hook will not poke holes in fabrics and offers a secure non-slip grip. Versatile Push-Pull S-Hook with non-slip cap to aid in pulling on and taking off socks without scratching or cutting your skin. Reach into closets without stretching or bending. Use the push hook to retrieve hungered items from closet rods. Use the pull hook to grab a towel off the floor or to pull shoes out of your closet without bending.

Deluxe Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid

Unique three finger design holds stockings easily. It can be used with regular hosiery and compression stockings up to 18-mm/Hg compression rating. The two long loop handles are perfect for people with limited hand function, back problems, wheelchair users or people recovering from hip or knee surgery. The flexible plastic core is lined with blue nylon to reduce friction. The outside is covered with terrycloth to prevent the sock from slipping.

Double Ezy Sock Helper

It is used for compression or regular stockings and pantyhose. Assists in putting on socks, compression or regular stockings, panty hose, or knee-highs with minimum bending or stretching – both legs at the same time These sturdy helpers are made of steel with smooth plastic coatings. Socks or stockings are simply stretched continuously over the columns and toes are inserted. The continued upward motion pulls the sock all the way on and pulls the stocking or panty hose up to the knees for final positioning.

Cane Holder, Cane Butler, convenient way to store your cane out of the way, yet handy.

Simply peel the protective liner from the attached self-adhesive tape and press it to places where the cane is usually positioned. You will always have the cane ready for use, and you can store the cane so that it is out of the way and you and others won’t trip over it.