Ageing is a time of multiple illnesses and general disability. Besides an increased level of illness, the ageing process itself leads to certain disabilities such as low vision and blindness resulting from cataracts, deafness resulting from nerve impairment, loss of mobility from arthritis and a general inability to care for oneself. Furthermore, ageing is inevitable and thus of concern to each of us.

The number of persons above the age of 60 years is fast growing, especially in India. India has 76.6 million people at or over the age of 60, constituting about 7.7% of total population. The problems faced by this segment of the population are numerous owing to the socio-cultural changes within the Indian society. The major area of concern is the health of the elderly.

Older people have the right to basic age care facilities such as pensions, social security, health care etc. The well being of the older persons has been mandated in the Constitution of India. Article 41 of Indian Constitution deals with the State’s role in providing social security to the aged.

The Government of India is committed to provide an enabling environment to secure the goals of economic and social security for the elderly population. Health of its citizen is the government top agenda, and to provide health services across various sections of society the government follows a three-tiered public health system:

  • Primary Health Centers (PHC) in villages
  • District Hospitals
  • Tertiary Care Hospitals

Besides, the government also provides health facilities such as CGHS to its retired central government officials. And Geriatrics Clinics are also being run in various major hospitals in the country especially for the senior citizens.

Ambulance and Nursing Services

S.L.No. Name Phone Mobile
1. Rana Ambulance Services 29913304,29911559 9811154783,9873354783
2. Sewa Ambulance Service 65477915 9810723854,9810326643
3. Cats/Centralised Accident & Trauma Services 1099, 102, 23951099, 23971099,23918932/20, 23930755/809/811 Not available
4. Sharma Ambulamce Service 25498963 Not available
5. Helpline Ambulance Services 24351358, 24358836 9810264129
6. Sarvodaya Rescue Ambulance Services 9810075180, 9818191961 9818191961
7. Delhi Ambulance Services 25791387, 26287670 9810077777
8. Ravindra Ambulance Services 9810016496, 29054265, 26055535 9810016496
9. Goodmans Rescue/Goodmans Health Care Services P Ltd. 29234665, 29231665, 29230685 9810012126, 9811412126
10. JK Ambulance Service 9810212793, 9810546406
11. Ambulance Noida Authority 102, 951202546546 Not available
12. St. John Ambulance Brigade Parliament ST 23322237, 23720143 Not available
13. Delhi Ambulance Services East of Kailash 25791387, 26422289, 26287670 9810077777
14. Sahara Ambulance Service 25498963 9810209673
15. Ambulance Pvt 26485487
16. Chawla Ambulance Services 25701302 9811182069
17. Kapoor Ambulance Service 26287670 9810077777



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New Delhi-110016 (INDIA)


Telefax- +91-11-26858304