The 2 Liter Handle

The 2 Liter Handle – Do you have arthritic fingers or hands, or do you just not have the strength in your hands and fingers that you once had? Do you have difficulty handling large 2 liter bottles of soda or water? The 2 Liter Handle design is unique and patented, and it solves the problem of effectively pouring and carrying a two liter bottle of soda or water. It fits a standard, awkward 2-liter bottle.

Kitchen Finger Protector

Safety product for seniors, visually impaired, and cooks who have problems with their hands and fingers! Finger guard slips over fingers to protect from sharp knives and blades. Plastic in nature and it is washable and durable. Slice and dice safely. Essential for every kitchen.

Slice-Nice Adjustable Knife

This professional quality 13 1/2” stainless steel carving knife with serrated blade and fork comes complete with right hand adjustable slicing guide. Use the 11” inch safety fork to hold foods securely as you cut from ultra thin to 1 1/4” thick with ease. Perfect kitchen safety product for seniors, users with hand tremors, stoke victims, people with use of only one hand, and low vision users. Slices everything perfectly and evenly – potatoes, cucumbers, onions, bread, meats, tomatoes. Slicer guide adjusts in and out by turning the dial. Ergonomically designed handles, serrated edge. Dishwasher safe.

Ergonomic and safe box opener

It is an alternative to sharp, metal box knives. The blunt tip on this all purpose opener is sharp enough to open sealed packages, but not sharp enough to cut your to cut yourself. It safely and easily opens food boxes, taped boxes, plastic safety seals, CD / DVD and video tape plastic covers, security seals and other containers wrapped in plastic. Durable, ergonomic handle measures 5.5″ length and is 1″ in diameter.

Box topper with Built-Up Handle

Just insert and lift! Allows seniors and those people with weak hands to easily open sealed boxes of detergent, cereal, rice and frozen foods in seconds. Molded of tough plastic with a spongy built-up handle.

6-in-1 Multi Opener

The 6-in-1 Multi Opener is an imaginative assistive tool no kitchen should be without. Helpful for seniors, anyone with arthritis and anyone with hand weakness or pain. Takes the Ouch out of opening almost anything. While it is great for the kitchen, it also is handy for picnics and travel. It opens six different types of seals and lids with ease. Non-slip grip makes fast work of removing hard-to-grasp safety seals, opening metal bottle caps, lifting tab cans, and loosening stubborn jar lids or bottle tops. The unique enclosed blade feature cleanly slices open tightly sealed bags.. Size: 5-1/2 inches x 2-3/4 inches x 1 inch.

Jar Opener Jar Closer Faucet Turner

This uniquely designed assistive product concentrates hand power to remove lids and turn faucets effortlessly. It is ideal for seniors with hand and finger problems. It was designed in consultation with occupational therapists to assure that it does what it is designed to do, with your needs as the primary concern. Ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use.

Comfort Grip Gift Boxed Kitchen Utensils for hand impairments

Stainless steel utensils with vinyl finger bump grips for excellent gripping and comfort for arthritic and Parkinson’s patients. Parsons cutlery offers complete attention to both style and comfort. By relieving stress on joints, these generously proportioned, well balanced utensils discreetly assist those with diminishing strength and movement in hands and arms, allowing a more secure and relaxed grip. This improved comfort is essential to maintaining self-confidence and independence at the dinner table. Each set includes 1 Knife, 1 Fork, 1 Soupspoon and 1 Teaspoon.

ADL Cuff for use with eating utensils

ADL Cuff – An adaptive device for use with everyday eating utensils made of 1″ (25mm) wide white nylon webbing with Velcro closure. Good for people with hand weakness or paralysis but good wrist control.

Clip On Fork/Spoon

A vinyl covered hand strap fits over the back of the hand and holds the eating utensil securely. Strap may be re-bent to fit individual hands. An excellent assistive eating aid for persons having difficulty grasping and holding small utensils.

Rocking T Knife

The Rocking T Knife is designed for seniors and other users with hand and arm problems. The Rocking T Knife cuts by rocking the knife on the food. Comfortable 4 inch x 1/2 inch wooden handle is shaped to fit the hand. Easy to use for people with weak grasp. The 4 1/2 inch safety edge, stainless steel blade maybe sharpened with a knife sharpener.

Food Bumper

It is ideal for people who want to use conventional tableware, but have difficulty getting food onto utensils. Prevents spills and attaches easily. Practical for people who tend to push food off the plate due to lack of coordination or limited hand muscle control. Sanitary food bumper clips onto a circular dinner plate and provide walls against which food may be pushed onto forks or spoons. Clear plastic bumper fits plate diameters 8 1/2 to 11 inches.

Clip on Steel Food Bumper

With the Clip on Steel Food Bumper you can stop chasing food off your plate if you have trouble handling eating utensils. Keeps food on your plate. Fits plates 9 to 11 inches in diameter. The Stainless steel plate guard features three spring action clips that secure the bumper to the plate.

Inner Lip Plate

It is ideal for the elderly and people with limited muscle control and individuals with the use of only one hand. Researchers have also discovered that Alzheimer patients also eat more food when they eat from a brightly colored plate since they are able to see the food better. The deep inner lip keeps food from sliding off the plate. The user brings the utensils to the edge of the plate and pushes the food onto the utensil. Plate is 9″ in diameter.

Round-Up Plate

Round-Up Plate is for anyone with limited muscle control and coordination. A high inner wall around the circumference prevents food from spilling or sliding off the plate. Measures 8 inches diameter x 3/4 inch high.

Three-Section Food Plate

It makes more independence for people with finger, hand and arm impairments. Three separate food compartments have raised sides approximately 1 inch deep to push fork or spoon against. Fewer spills, less mess and more food going to where it belongs – your mouth! Very helpful for anyone with mobility issues such as arthritis, limited use of an arm, etc. 9 inches diameter.

Maddagrip Opener

Soft shape conforms to almost any size lid or cap allowing the user to effortlessly open anything from small vials and bottles to large jars. Longer shape and textured outside provide a better grip for weak hands. Larger diameter fits entire hand and offers extra turning power. Bright orange color for greater visibility.

Hot Hand Hand Protector and Jar Opener

Use for hot pots, Unscrew tight lids, Hold wet slippery glasses. Helps maintain a secure grip on hot, cold, or slippery items such as bottles, glasses and pans. Also works as a gripper to unscrew tight jars and bottle caps. Recommended as a precaution against burns for people with hands that have reduced sensation to heat. The gripping surfaces are studded with small suction cups. End pockets fit the thumb and fingers. Measures 3 7/8”x 7 1/2” with hole tabs for hanging up.

TKO Stove Knob Turner

Kitchen, safety and assistive device that turns stove and other knobs, faucets, valves and keys. Turning device for seniors or others with hand disabilities or arthritis. Can be used in a work or home environment on any non-round control knob or appliance handle. When the turner is pressed onto a knob the pins contacting with the knob’s surface retract, while the remaining pins surround the knob for a secure grip. Measures 2 1/4” in diameter but can grip larger irregular-shaped knobs. The T-shaped handle, 5 1/4” long, is ergonomically designed for ease of operation.

Oven Rack Push-Pull Stick

The Oven Rack Push-Pull Stick is a handy kitchen safety helper for those in a wheelchair or with a limited range of motion. Push or Pull hot oven racks or use as a reacher when you need to extend your range of motion. 13 inches long.

Stove Knob Extended Reach Turner

Stove Knob Extended Reach Turner is designed for those in a wheel chair or anyone who cannot reach over the hot pots on the stove for various reasons to turn the knobs. Lightweight aluminum rod with no scratch epoxy coating, large comfort grip for easy twisting action.

Combination Cutting Board with Chef Knife Attached

Allows the use of both hands to open stubborn jars. Mount it to the underside of any table, counter, cabinet, shelf, or bar. It opens any screw lid from 5/8″ to 3.75″ diameter. It is unobtrusive, and requires no adjustment. This jar opener attaches using a self adhesive mounting material, no tools required. Can be mounted with screws if preferred. Heavy duty jar opener with very strong construction.

Under Cabinet Deluxe Heavy Duty Jar Opener

Prevents a pot or pan from turning while stirring with one hand. Wide spread suction cup base creates greater stability and keeps the suction cups further from the heat than narrower based models. Ideal for anyone with limited had use or seniors with limited hand dexterity and loss of hand strength. Plastic-coated steel, 16” x 4 1/2”.

Pot and Pan Holder

Food cutting board with a chef knife attached so that it can be utilized in a chopping motion. Knife is removable for cleaning and sharpening. The board is 16″ x 12″ and is mounted on 4 suction cup feet. Three conveniently located stainless steel spikes for securing food for slicing and peeling. 1/2″ food guard aids with applying spreads to food.