The built-up textured surface of this pen makes it easier to hold than standard size pens. It is ideal for persons with arthritis or a weak grasp. The pen is not only lightweight, as well as it requires almost no pressure to write. An indentation on the pen helps relieve sore, painful thumbs and aids in gripping. Circumference measures 2 1/4″.


Molded typing aid fastens with a Velcro strap and slips around the palm. Minimal arm strength is required to use this device.


This unique writing device is ideal for anyone who has difficulty holding pens. With a little practice using it you will develop the skill you need to use the Writing Bird efficiently. Sculpted to fit the hand, it slides easily along the writing surface. Gentle pressure on the bird’s tail allows the pen to move from word to word. Designed for either right or left-handed use.


Help in holding reading material. Two spring-loaded, page-holding posts hold paperbacks, books, magazines, and newspapers.


Automatically shuffle one or two decks of cards in just a couple of seconds. Just cut the deck, put the cards in, and hit the switch. Useful for people with arthritis, limited grip or dexterity. Amaze your friends and get those cards completely shuffled the honest way. No serious card player should be without an automatic shuffling machine.


Enlarge an entire page of text at one time and reduce eyestrain. This magnifier makes reading maps, newspapers and other printed media easier. Flexible plastic lens has a magnifying area that measures 9″ x 6 1/4″ providing 2 x magnifications.

Shopping and Laundry Cart

Shopping and Laundry Cart – Foldable shopping cart has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. Ideal for the elderly who have trouble in lifting and carrying. Easy to assemble and folds for flat storage. Made of lightweight tubular steel and wire. The basket measures 12.5 inches X 10.5 inches X 20 inches. Weighs only 9 pounds.

Reacher Clip

Keeps reachers handy and firmly attached to wheelchair frame. Holds almost any type of reacher. The larger side of the double clip snaps onto the wheelchair, walker frame or bed rail and the smaller side onto the reacher. It may be snapped onto tubing at any angle and rotated to support the reacher in a vertical position.

Playing Card Holder

Attractive, fan shaped playing card holder is perfect for anyone with limited finger strength, dexterity and control. Provides a clear view of cards and holds them in place. Cards won’t fall out even if tilted. Can be held comfortably by a weakened or arthritic hand and can stand by it on two non-skid legs built into the back of the holder. The holder is also great for organizing phone and other messages, shopping lists, coupons, reminders.

Low vision playing cards

Playing cards for people with as little as 5% of normal vision. Numbers, letters and suit symbols are enlarged for quick recognition. Each suit is color coded. Corner markers are standard black and red

One hand umbrella

Senior-Friendly Umbrella – Ten inch umbrella opens to full 38 inches; sure grip handle features auto open/close button. Easy on your hands and fingers, and you can operate with only one hand – ideal for seniors, the elderly, stroke victims, and those with other arm problems.

VisiKey Low Vision Wired Computer Keyboard

Letters are 430% larger than a standard keyboard. All the keys are extremely easy to read. The Enhanced Visibility Lettering System combined with a high contrast design (white on black) make this a great keyboard for individuals with low vision, macular degeneration or those who simply have trouble seeing their current keyboard. The ergonomically shaped navigation keys are also easier to locate by ”touch.”. Enable one touch access to multimedia/internet functions.

Talking Alarm Clock

It is perfect for the sight-impaired. Announce both the time and the alarm settings without having to worry about whether you can see the digital display. Press the TALKING button, for the time announced in hours and minutes, or you can set the clock to announce the hours automatically. Choose from either buzzer alarm or voice alarm.

Wooden Lap Desk with Book Holder

The Wooden Lap Desk with Book Holder makes reading or working easy no matter where you are; in bed, relaxing in an armchair, or even when traveling! The solid wood surface provides a perfect writing area while the built-in book/pad holder keeps your references right in front of you. The lightweight lap desk also offers a recessed pencil slot, a resting ledge for your book and a nylon cord for easy carrying. Reference holding backrest folds down when not in use. Non removable cushion with micro beads comfortably balances the desk on your lap. Measures: 18 inches x 9.inches x 2.75 inches.

Adjustable Overbed Table

It is plastic tabletop. 15 inches X 30 inches. Easily adjusts for right or left handed use. Sturdy polypropylene base has four swivel castes and adjusts in height 28 inches to 42 inches.

Deluxe Framed Full Page Magnifier

For the sight impaired or anyone who has hand tremors to the point of not being able to hold a traditional magnifying glass steady, this product is ideal. This full page magnifier is perfect for looking at small print in phone books, instructions, or reading maps. It is made of flexible plastic. 2 X magnification.