The EZ Adjust Bed Rail attaches to any size bed on either side. Its adjustable length allows for use as both a bed rail to prevent falling out of bed, and as a handrail to assist in making in and out of bed transfers. Rail can easily be adjusted at any time while on the bed to three widths: 26″, 34″ or 42″, with the click of a button. And it folds down out of the way for clearance, or when changing linens. Dual-safety strap secures the rail to the bed frame. The rail’s height measures 23″ from the base of the mattress. Supports up to 300 lbs.

Non-Slip Grip Mat

The Non-Slip Grip Mat is made of rubberized material and creates a wide, secure grip and stable surface for whatever you place on top of it. Use it for hobbies and crafting, dining, or storing/displaying fragile collectibles; no more accidental tips, spills or breakages. Pencils, pens, eating utensils and other rounded items won’t roll off. Glasses and cups full of liquid are less likely to fall over. Anything placed on the mat stays there until you move it! Use it on tabletops, dressers and vanities; use it whole or cut it to fit your needs. Each roll is 15 inches long by one foot wide.


Be there for your loved ones when they need you the most!

Ever wondered what would happen if your loved ones needed help when you are not there? Not anymore. With InstaCare app and pendant you can call for help and notify your loved ones in case of emergency at the touch of a button.

We are building a solution that helps families stay connected to their elders and in an emergency make sure that they get immediate response.
We do this using a smart button (a small electronic device) that pairs with a smart phone. This button has a motion sensor built into it that continuously tracks activities and serves as a panic button. Using this; families can check on the well-being of their elders anytime through a smart phone app and can co-ordinate response.

What It does and Why It is useful


Passive Monitoring : You can see that your parents are doing fine. Is the person moving or not?
Emergency: In case of emergencies it instantly notifies emergency contact persons. If the seniors press the button it would automatically inform the registered observers
Health check-up requests : You can request health check-ups for your much loved elders right at their home.

What It requires

An android phone that can support the app with Subscriber and Observer

Subscriber: The user in this case Elder People (They do not need to be a heavy user of Smartphone they should just have one Smartphone)

Observer: The Caretaker, Son/Daughter/Neighbor or Family Doctor also with a Smartphone



If you have such senior persons under your observation/knowledge I would request you please share their Name and numbers so that I can directly send a link to their phone and proceed with the distribution of the buttons.

In case of any query kindly contact 9582064991 or mail to