caregiver for dementia
  • Clocks, calendar and written notes can be used to help a person with dementia to stay oriented.
  • If you are talking to a dementia patient, repeat yourself, as the person can easily forget what you just said.
  • Keep yourself restricted to maintain a calm voice. Use simple and brief statements with eye contact and comfortable touch to gain confidence. Make sure that the person understands you. 
  •  Prefer to direct choice questions like yes or no, rather than asking open ended questions.
  • Try to ignore repeated questions. This may initially make the person angry but eventually the question will stop coming if they are not being answered. 
  • Try to have a good talk with the person and ask about their past experiences, as they will be able to recall their past events better than the recent ones.
  • Be positive while talking to the patient. Avoid negative comments like, “don’t do that”, etc. 
  • If the person is frightened, in pain or hungry, try to make the person comfortable and respond accordingly.
  • Simplify the things going around the person, by reducing the extra crowd, noise and activity around the person.
  • You have to be patient, as you might also become angry and irritated by the person at times.
  • Regular physical exercise, doing things that involve using of brains and participation in basic activities, can help the person with dementia. 
  • Maintain safe surroundings around the dementia patients, to prevent falls, also keep the things away from the person which can cause harm to them, like dangerous utensils and tools, etc.

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